Farnsworth Hall Theater produces Concerts, Shows, and Dances for  Members and invites its' neighbors to attend the Public Events produced during the year.

The Theater

Farnsworth Hall Theater is an intimate 540 seat capacity venue located in East Mesa. It is a combination hall and theater with new hardwood covering the entire floor, and all the space can be used for dancing. We produce concerts, variety shows, and other types of events, primarily during the winter season. When the performances include dancing, tables are utilized, which reduces the number of seated to 250 persons.

The stage is approximately 31'W x 21'D, with stage lights front and overhead. The current stage lighting is with PAR cans, with plans are underway to upgrade to an LED stage lighting system. The stage floor is hardwood over air. There is a Cyclorama Screen located behind the rear curtain.

Farnsworth Hall Theater has a new overhead projector and an 11' x 11' screen that can be lowered in front of the front stage curtain to project messages, power point presentations and movies.

The sound system is a new state of the art EV speaker system with 15 inch mains and 18 inch sub woofers. The Behringer X32 Mixer is located in the sound balcony, connected by CAT 6 cable to a digital snake box on the stage. Farnsworth Hall Theater is capable of providing most back line equipment for performances.

Currently, the Farnsworth Hall Theater produces shows concerts and dances mostly during the season from October through April. Studies are underway to determine if there is enough support from patrons to warrant producing more shows during the rest of the year for full time residents.

The Farnsworth Hall Theater is owned by Dreamland Villa, an age 55+ Community. The Theater was built in 1975 by Ross Farnsworth, the developer of Dreamland Villa and other communities. In order to continue to operate, the Theater relies on funds from the revenue generate by the Farnsworth Hall Theater activities and from Sponsors.

The Theater is operated solely by Volunteers.

Our Team

Theater Operations Manager

Cathy Jageler

Artist Booking Director

Cathy Jageler

Sound & Stage Manager

Lew Hooser



You Can be an Event Volunteer



​The Farnsworth Hall Theater is operated by an all Volunteer staff. Without Volunteers to staff the events, Farnsworth Hall Theater could not function, due to the expenses.

Farnsworth Hall is producing more events for the following seasons, and possibly a few during the summer, for our full time residents. We will be in need of more Volunteers to support those already in place.

If you have any experience in the various phases of Theater Operations, you may become a volunteer.

Duties include assisting in box office operations, selling tickets, collecting tickets, concessions, showing patrons to their seats, and more.

We can also use volunteers who have experience in various types of marketing including social media marketing.

If you have experience in operating sound systems and mixing boards, you can also get on that volunteer list.

Contact Events@DreamlandVilla.org for more information.

You Can be an Event Sponsor

Contact Events@DreamlandVilla.org for more information.