Saturday, December 11     5:30 - 7 pm


Presents Evolution of Music Concert

Soothing Acoustic meets

Electric Virtuosity

Eduardo Costa


Eduardo Costa is a first prize winner in 10 International guitar competitions, performed at the iconic Carnegie Hall and has a Doctorate in Music. In this concert, Eduardo will give you an unforgettable experience! The well adjusted mixture of his acoustic guitar skills and electric rock virtuosity will make you fall in love with his music. The performance will begin with soothing acoustic guitar arrangements of some of the most beautiful contemporary songs, followed by what he calls "Live Creations''; a truly unique approach where he creates music in real-time specifically for this audience through a perfect balance of skill and passion. He will also "wow" you with his virtuosity on the electric guitar, flying fingers will impress upon you the true freedom that only a rock electric guitar virtuoso can provide.


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Here is a sample of a soothing acoustic guitar song:

A sample of one of his compositions for the electric guitar:

Listen to him share his passion for guitar in this video and expose a secret: